The Monterey Diet: Seven Steps Worth Taking (PDF eBook)

The Monterey Diet (PDF download)
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Learn to lose weight and keep it off!

Based in science, yet readily comprehensible, The Monterey Diet: Seven Steps Worth Taking will explain how our environment makes us fat and what you can do about it.  The tips in this book will help you to achieve your weight loss goals through the use of seven lifestyle-altering tools, presented as The Monterey Diet™.  You can lose weight and keep it off!

In this 314-page e-book, Dr. Kryger will teach you about...

  • how genes control our metabolism
  • the connection between hormones and weight loss
  • energy balance and extra pounds
  • dietary factors
  • the effects of certain diets on insulin-like growth factor
  • why we get fat
  • the difference between being overweight and obese
  • why we love certain foods so much
  • weight gain through dieting
  • the link between obesity and cancer
  • inflammation in arthritis and heart disease
  • how fiber intake reduces inflammation
  • the metabolic syndrome and sudden death
  • why diabetes develops
  • how insulin resistance becomes diabetes
  • the link between obesity and diabetes
  • orexin, the wake-up-it's-time-for-breakfast hormone
  • how fat cells make hormones
  • regulating appetite
  • why stress makes you over eat
  • the connection between appetite and sleep
  • sleep-disordered breathing and diabetes
  • losing weight while you sleep
  • leptin, the satiety hormone, and how it regulates weight loss
  • what it takes to restore hunger
  • adrenal steroids, such as DHEA and cortisol
  • how testosterone influences the metabolic syndrome
  • the symptoms of low testosterone
  • endocrine guidelines for treating low testosterone
  • the amount of protein we really need
  • the real cost of eating meat
  • the toxic loads on our nation
  • the basics of healthy living
  • living well without a diet
  • reversing diabetes and the metabolic syndrome
  • preventive medicine and vitamin tips for your body
  • extreme diets and their consequences
  • how physical activity can reverse inflammation
  • what it takes to be successful with weight loss
  • medications that may prevent diabetes and obesity
  • fat absorbers
  • the statins
  • good fats vs. bad fats
  • strategies for weight loss
  • diet pills
  • marijuana and our appetite control system
  • diet and exercise
  • a revolutionary new way to lose weight safely with drugs
  • what works and what doesn't for weight loss
  • changing the way you eat
  • fasting regulary to maintain weight loss and keep leptin working
  • using The Monterey Diet™ for rapid weight loss
  • and more!


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