Nordic Naturals DHA Junior

Nordic Naturals DHA Junior
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DHA Junior was developed as a delicious way to supplement a child's diet with the important brain nutrient DHA. DHA is important for the proper growth and development of the brain, eyes, nervous system and cell membranes. Your kids will enjoy the great strawberry taste of both the soft gelatin capsule and the oil!  DHA Junior contains naturally existing vitamins A and D. As with all Nordic Natural products, these capsules contain no PCB's, heavy metals, or pesticides, are third party tested, and, of course, are GMO- and Hexane- free. The soft gel capsules can be easily swallowed or chewed by children two years of age or older.

Each 250 mg capsule (180 per bottle) contains:

DHA 34 mg
EPA 22 mg
Other omega-3 10 mg
Vitamin A (natural cisretinol form)       90-195 IU
Vitamin D 0-5 IU


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