Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil

Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil
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It's simply amazing: It doesn't taste like fish and has instead a great natural orange flavor! This Arctic Cod Liver oil offers the best value (most DHA/EPA per dollar) and is in liquid form for those who do not wish to chew or swallow capsules. It has no added vitamins--only naturally occurring A & D--unlike many competing brands which add vitamin A to several times the RDA to make processing cheaper. It also contains no PCB's, no heavy metals, and no pesticides. Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil is third-party tested for purity and, of course, is GMO- and Hexane-free.


Each teaspoon serving (48 per bottle) contains:

DHA 675 mg
EPA 445 mg
Vitamin A (natural cisretinol)      875-1,950 IU
Vitamin D 0-25 IU

Despite the fact that most American diets are deficient in the long-chain, omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, hundreds of studies have shown there are health benefits associated with diets high in these oils. These studies are not “health nutty” studies with little hardcore scientific support and written just to promote a line of supplement products--these studies were written by leading independent medical researchers from around the world.  (For more information, visit the International Health News Database, Fish and Fish Oil section.)

Deep sea fish are nature's most highly concentrated sources of DHA and EPA, and fish oil is an excellent, easy way to supplement one's diet with these essential fatty acids. Unfortunately, many fish oil companies produce inferior pills often rancid from poor processing techniques that create a bad, fishy aftertaste or stomach upset.  Nordic Naturals products are different than other fish oil supplements; in short, they are produced with exceptional care, are of the highest quality, free from PCB's, pesticides, and heavy metals. Unlike competing products, these fish pills do not create an aftertaste or unsettling of the stomach and have no "fishy" taste whatsoever.

Nordic Natural products are simply THE BEST fish oil supplement available!


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