Nordic Naturals Arctic Omega Omega-3 Fish Oil with Stabilizers

Nordic Naturals Arctic Omega Omega-3 Fish Oil with Stabilizers
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Many claims have been made regarding the value of eating fish in preventing heart disease and lowering cholesterol.  Unfortunately, most fish in the United States are either contaminated with mercury or PCBs. Nordic Naturals omega fish oils are contaminate-free and are a great source of essential fatty acids.  These capsules have absolutely no fishy taste or smell and come in lemon or plain flavors. 

Arctic Omega with lemon has delicious natural lemon oil added to both the soft gel capsule and the oil for a great lemon taste. Unlike most other fish capsules out there, Arctic Omega fish oil is extremely fresh and highly purified, which prevents the fishy aftertaste often associated with inferior fish oil pills.  Arctic Omega is further enchanced with advanced lipid stabilizing antioxidants (Vitamin E) for extended freshness.

Each 1000 mg capsule (90 per bottle) contains:

DHA 120 mg
EPA 180 mg
Other Omega-3 50 mg
Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols)       9 IU


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