LTYH: A Doctor's Guide to Sex, Love, and Long Life (MP3)

LTYH: A Doctor's Guide to Sex, Love, and Long Life (MP3)
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Listen to Your Hormones: A Doctor's Guide to Sex, Love, and Long Life (MP3 Audio Book)

Using extensive medical evidence for inspiration, this must-have audio book for men (and the women who love them) cuts through the hype and confusion about the most misunderstood aspects of men's health--the vital role of hormones. 

In "Listen to Your Hormones," Dr. Kryger will tell you about...

  • universal power
  • human rhythms and sex
  • irritable male syndrome
  • the raw power of light
  • the hormone of darkness
  • how hormone deficiencies cause symptoms
  • the love hormone (Is it real?)
  • sparking your sex life
  • erectile dysfunction (and what to do about it)
  • erections and Viagra (Does it work for everyone?)
  • testosterone
  • how estrogren affects male sexual function
  • sexual function and the suckling hormone
  • the SAD disease and the absence of happiness
  • hormone dysfunction during depression
  • The sad days of menopause
  • mid-life crisis and male andropause
  • depression and sexual dysfunction
  • the secret to treating depression successfully
  • testosterone hormone gels
  • dopamine (hormonal rescue from depressiona and attention deficit)
  • chemical meltdown
  • hormones can get mixed up
  • cancer from estrogen
  • toxic products and their effect on children
  • alcohol, nicotine, and testosterone
  • dioxin (the most toxic substance known to man)
  • meat and the development of man
  • proteins, fat, and energy in meat
  • cutting your toxic load
  • self-esteem, aggression and testosterone
  • the Big T
  • diagnosing testosterone deficiency
  • the origin of testosterone and estrogen
  • sliva hormone testing
  • the prostate (an important sex gland)
  • the real culprit in prostate cancer
  • aging and testosterone
  • slowing the aging process with testosterone
  • the penis and castration
  • penis size (Does it really make a difference?)
  • myths about testosterone
  • hormone replacement
  • becoming a boy...or a girl
  • the biology of homosexuality
  • straight or gay (biology or choice?)
  • handedness, hormones and sexual identity
  • heredity and homosexuality
  • growing old in spite of human growth hormone
  • IGF-1 (mankind's gift from human growth hormone
  • Should aging be treated as a disease?
  • how nutrients affect aging
  • sex after seventy
  • memory and intelligence (hormones in your brain)
  • modifying your food choices
  • longer life with HGH (myth or reality?)
  • the quest for long life
  • boosting our hormones
  • anabolic steroids and the perfect body
  • the link between testosterone and motivation
  • love, libido, and hormones
  • Can you restore passion to your love life?
  • the "sexy trio" can renew youthfulness
  • bioidentical hormones
  • oxytocin and the connection to sexual arousal
  • sex and mankind
  • and more!

Praise for Listening to Your Hormones...

"The complex universe of human hormones comes to life in this book."  --Andre Guay, M.D., Endocrinologist, Harvard University

"Easy to understand, up-to-date, well researched."  --Howard Wynne, M.D., Asst. Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

"A hormone guidebook for everyone."  --Leslie Lundt, M.D., Psychiatrist

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