Dr. K's Cabbage Chicken Soup Diet with Low Carb Guide (PDF)

Dr. K's Cabbage Chicken Soup Diet with Low Carb Guide (PDF)
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As mentioned by Elaine on Seinfeld!

Dr. K's Cabbage Chicken Soup is both tasty and DELICIOUS! If you really want to lose weight quickly, this modified fast is safe and gives you a real boost. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, there is only one way--using the Principals of Permanent Weight Loss developed by Dr. Kryger over the past 25 years.  Simple calorie restriction has been scientifically shown to increase lifespan in both humans and animals, so get started now!  

Please note: This plan is not for everyone, but most individuals can adjust their preference as to food choices. The low carbohydrate guide you will receive with this order has over 20 pages of useful information, proven successful for rapid weight loss by thousands of users. Equally important, this system of eating can help you lose weight without using appetite suppressants or diet pills!  Order today!

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