Coriolus Mushrooms

Coriolus Mushrooms
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Coriolus is an extract of an edible mushroom which provides nutritional support for normal cell development. These edible mushrooms have been used by various cultures for centuries as a food. Polyporus mushrooms, the source of Coriolus powder, are well known in both Italian and Oriental cooking recipes.

Japanese researchers have found multiple immune-stimulating polysaccharide (complex sugars) in these mushrooms. Several have been extracted and purified. These are used as medications  for treating cancer, hepatitis and herpes virus infections in Japan. The use of mycological immune stimulants results in a  stimulation of T-cell proliferation. T-cells, or helper cells, help the body fight foreign  invaders such as viruses or bacteria. In HIV infection there is a decrease in T-helper cells as the disease progresses to AIDS. Cytotoxic T-cells, or killer cells, can destroy infected cells, viruses, and some bacteria. The response to stimulation allows for an increase in the numbers (size of the army) to fight the infection.  

The National Cancer Institute has studied these compounds and found them to be effective as stimulants in a functioning immune system in every animal species tested, due to their effect on T-helper cell lymphocytes.

Human studies are currently underway in England, Italy, California, and Spain to evaluate the effectiveness of mycological products as immune system stimulants. Coriolus is being evaluated for treating herpes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hepatitis C, and other viral infections. Coriolus has positive effects in wasting conditions and deficiency states such as cancer, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and severe anemia.

Used by the Fastest Man on a bicycle!

Chad Hawker, four-time winner of the world-famous Half Ironman, uses energy supplements from Mycological Research Labs. These are mushroom-derived products for nutritional support and to stimulate his normal cellular immune function. Studies have reported increased levels of white blood cells, natural killer cells, and interferon in those who have used these mushroom powders. Chad, who has won the Half Ironman for the past FOUR years, uses Coriolus for immune stimulation to prevent fatigue and to decrease stress.

These products have been studied in several patients at the Monterey Preventive Medical Clinic in California and have proven to be effective.  Information regarding these studies is availabe on our website at These mushroom immune stimulants contain immune polysaccharides, such as Lentinan and SPG.

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