Consult with Dr. Kryger by EMAIL--3 for 2 SPECIAL (non-patients)

Consult with Dr. Kryger by email.
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Consult with Dr. Kryger by encrypted email (for non-patients).

The Monterey Preventive Medical Clinic is different.  Dr. Abraham Kryger focuses on your wellness rather than illness, and has dedicated nearly three decades to making this holistic approach to health as widely accessible as possible.  In 1997, Dr. Kryger began making "house calls" by way of email and telephone consultations.  Today he utilizes password-protected encrypted email technology (optional*) for highly confidential email consultations.

Schedule an email consultation with Dr. Kryger today!  This offering includes three (3) email consultations.  Each email consultation includes up to three email exchanges with the doctor, for a total of nine (9) exchanges.


About Dr. Abraham H. Kryger

Dr. Kryger has extensive training and nearly three decades of experience in both conventional, integrative and complementary therapies, and his range of holistic and preventive medical services is both comprehensive and current.  Dr. Kryger is also frequently consulted on hormone replacement matters, one of his specialty areas.  For more information on Dr. Kryger and the Monterey Preventive Medical Clinic, please visit

Benefits of Consulting

  • communicate directly with a doctor
  • get a 2nd medical opinion
  • quick and easy; no waiting
  • maintain an on-going relationship with a doctor, even from long distance, or if you travel frequently

Consultation Topics Can Include (but are not limited to)...

  • general medical or health questions
  • horomone imbalance issues for both men and women
  • testosterone replacement options
  • erectile dysfunction
  • sexual dysfunction in both men and women
  • healthy aging and longevity
  • proper nutrition
  • appetite disorders
  • weight loss
  • depression
  • other 


Consultations are ONLY on a theoretical basis, and doctor responses are not to be considered diagnostic or therapeutic. (No Diagnosis or Treatment can be conducted by Internet alone.) Please consult your own doctor for information specific to your case. Consultation with the WELLNESS MD on the WEB or by phone does not constitute the creation of a Physician-Patient relationship. No one under the age of 18 will be granted a phone consultation! (Proof of age is required!) Prescriptions may be provided by your own personal physician, or by Dr. A. Kryger, MD, DMD, if he becomes your physician. Appointments can be made with Dr. Kryger for in-office examinations for anyone able to travel to his office in Monterey, California. ** CALIFORNIA LAW REQUIRES AN IN-OFFICE EXAMINATION BEFORE TESTOSTERONE SUPPLEMENTS OR ANY OTHER MEDICATION CAN BE PRESCRIBED. ** IN NO CASE DOES DR. KRYGER ISSUE PRESCRIPTIONS OF ANY KIND ON THE BASIS OF A TELEPHONE OR EMAIL CONSULTATION ALONE. A PHYSICAL EXAMINATION IS REQUIRED FOR ANY PRESCRIPTIONS TO BE ISSUED IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. 

The Monterey Preventive Medical Clinic strictly complies with all statutory requirements. Medical practices that engage in any form of electronic data transfers, including telemedicine, must strictly comply with the various statutory requirements or risk an OCR investigation and potential fines.

Dr. Kryger is a physician licensed in the state of California; due to individual state requirements, Dr. Kryger can only prescribe medication in the state of California.

Should you have questions, please call our office during business hours. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: Instructions for how to schedule your email consultation will be provided to you by email after purchase.  Please allow 12-48 hours for processing.

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