A Woman's Guide to Men's Health

A Woman's Guide to Men's Health
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What every woman needs to know about her man's health, happiness, vigor and sexuality...

Board-certified family practitioner and author, Dr. Abraham Harvey Kryger, has published another great book about men's health, this time to benefit women. Correcting hormone imbalances for better health is a subject most women understand.  They visit their doctors, follow treatment programs, take the right medications and are good about following up.  But when it comes to men, they know almost nothing about their own health.  They may not realize that their hormones are directly connected to a host of maladies, including diabetes, depression, heart disease, obesity, and impotence.  A woman, if she cares about her man, will want to have this information.

This book is a call to action for women to understand how male hormones affect the lives of their men and what it takes to keep those hormones in balance in order to enjoy life and sex to the maximum.

A Woman's Guide to Men's Health discusses the following:

  • Do I understand what makes my man tick?
  • What makes men so excited about sports, and can that be translated into sexual interest?
  • If my man has lost his morning erections, is he no longer interested in sex?
  • Hormones: The Driving Force
  • Our Jumbled Hormones
  • Hormones and Your Sex Life
  • Hormones and Your Happiness
  • A Hormone Checkup
  • Testosterone's Role in Sex and Penis Size
  • Live Longer with Hormones
  • Anabolic Steroids and Testosterone Myths
  • Bioidentical Hormones
  • Normal Levels of Testosterone by Age


What others are saying about "A Woman's Guide to Men's Health":

"The complex universe of human hormones comes to life in this book.  Dr. Kryger presents a rational and comprehensive overview of the male hormones." --Andre Guay, endocrinologist, Lahey Clinic, Harvard University

"Dr. Kryger's book is exactly what people need to read.  I especially like the patient examples, which add life and 'a face' to this disorder from which they suffer alone in silence.  This is a hormone guidebook for everyone.  Very clear and concise explanation of the action of hormones on the brain." --Leslie Lunt, MD, psychiatrist and author of "Think Like a Psychiatrist"

"This is a must-have reference for every man who wants to be happier and healthier.  Using the latest medical evidence as its inspiration, the book cuts through the hype and confusion about one of the most misunderstood aspects of men's health, the vital role of testosterone and other hormones.  I recommend this fascinating book to all my clients with sexual dysfunction."  --Evelyn Waterman, PHD, psychotherapist, Santa Monica, California

"This book contains a wealth of information and provides practical ways that men can begin to rebalance their hormones and rebuild their health.  Recent research is making it increasingly clear that many middle-aged and older men could benefit from supplemental bio-identical testosterone."  --John Robbins, author of "Diet for a New America"

"Easy to understand, up-to-date, well researched approach to a difficult subject."  --Howard Wynne, MD Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine


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